caroline farrell

I’m Caroline Farrell, a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying Advertsing, Studio Art and Russian language and culture.

I am a creative, through-and-through. There’s a passion within me for innovating, learning and discovering new methods of expression. Connection drives my work; whether I’m learning floral design from a local florist or building a webpage from scratch (hello), I’m always looking to get at the core of who we are as humans. In my career, I aim to explore our similiarities and differences to find a common thread.

This year, I am honored to hold the position of Associate Editor-in-Chief of Coulture Magazine, UNC-Chapel Hill’s premiere fashion and lifestyle publication.  I communicate who I am and the values I believe in through fashion. Clothes give me the opportunity to leave an impression and convey my personality at first glance. Through the position of Associate Editor-in-Chief, I am able to promote different identities and represent diverse backgrounds through stories and images about self-expression, political opinions and life experiences.

I also serve as the co-chair for Carolina Advocates for Gender Equity (CAGE), a committee within the Campus Y. As co-chair, I believe in gender equity and the empowerment of all voices and I accomplish this through managing a committee of young passionate activists, organizing Feminist Friday lectures and other partnerships and advocating for policy change in the Chapel Hill community.